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Natalie Martino


A Quiet Mind

Pretty much for as long as I can remember, I have always been a person who worries. Stress and overthinking just come naturally to my brain, no matter what I come up with to prevent it. As we begin a new year, I begin…

January 20, 2021
#Beauty #SelfCare


     One of my favorite treats to receive every month is my Birchbox. I have gotten a subscription since 2017, and I am so happy I decided to try it out. Out of all of the monthly subscriptions for beauty boxes, I find Birchbox…

October 22, 2020


The shelfie has become an increasingly popular hashtag on social media, full of calming aesthetics and go to products. We all want to know what’s on her shelf. Sharing what products you like to use can be so helpful. And also, creating a peaceful…

October 15, 2020