Fashion, Interrupted

September 29, 2020

Summer and fall fashion are some of my absolute favorite looks of the year. Fuzzy sweaters and boots have a special place in my heart, right besides sundresses and shorts.

Ok let’s be honest, all clothes have a special place in my heart, and on my bank statement. This summer definitely looked different for many of us. Sweatpants were queen. I know personally, I didn’t actually wear any clothes besides leggings and old tank tops until at least July. If I put my nice sweatpants on and a t-shirt or tank that wasn’t stretched out or stained that was a whole look. My collection of colorful summer dresses, sleeveless tops, and sandals sat in my closet untouched and neglected. Now that most of us are safely venturing out more, we have the chance to dress up again (do we really want to though…being comfy was kind of nice).

Getting reacquainted with our wardrobe that isn’t loungewear comes at a time of year where choosing an outfit is not always simple. Its fall, technically, but its also still 80 degrees outside. That time of year where you start the day with a chill in the air and by lunch, you’re drenched in sweat. Transitional fashion can be so hard, when summer looks are interrupted by the arrival of fall and the overwhelming urge to wear a sweater. My go to outfit for this time of year is all about the layering. It is essential to dress with layers, and wear pieces that can easily shift from hot to cool with you. Take tops that you would have worn with sandals and shorts in the summer and pair them with jeans and heels. Sundresses can linger on by throwing a blazer or cardigan over them and adding boots. I really just can’t speak enough to the importance of layering, and slowly introducing touches of fall fashion to your daily look. As the season starts to blend, so can your outfits!

I also really love neutrals and minimalist looks during this transition period. While you might not want to continue with the bright colors of summer, you also may not be ready for the rich hues of fall. Sticking with black, gray, white, and tan shades keep it easy. For today’s post I styled a look for my friend for a girls day out. A comfy, soft black tube top pairs perfectly with high waisted gray jeans, and the wider flare leg fof the jean compliments her black heels. When wearing a wider leg pant of jean, especially one that hits at or above ankle length, adding some height with your shoes helps significantly so that you don’t look cut off at the ankle! We also added a cuff to the leg of the jeans because they were a hand me down from her sister, which we repurposed to fit her bodytype. Rolling them slightly allowed the jeans to fit her better and also adds a fun detail to the look. Adding a black & silver belt helps to define her waist and adds some texture while sticking with the neutral color scheme. Now the weather today is hot and humid, so we decided not to add a blazer. However, pairing a blazer with this outfit for chillier days would really pull it together and be the perfect transitional look.

What are some of your favorite in between season looks and ideas? I would love to hear!

  • Top: Superdown
  • Jeans: Levi’s
  • Shoes: Steve Madden
  • Belt: Forever21


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